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God Has Two Questions for You

As we learn what it means to truly follow God, there are 2 questions I feel He wants to ask us everyday.

What are you hearing Me say?

Everyday is a new day, filled with opportunities to impact the Kingdom. It is vital we hear God and understand His desires for us on such things as…

  • Go see this person
  • Don’t go to that meeting
  • Call your neighbor
  • Be patient
  • Do all things in love
  • Make a date with your wife 

These are the kinds of things we need to hear from God everyday. We hear these from His Word and what He speaks to us. Hearing what God is saying to us puts us on the same page with His will and the work He has for us.

What are you doing to obey?

God has no desire to waste His breath or cast His pearls before swine! When He speaks, He expects us to obey. That is the second half of a powerful faith-filled walk with God. Not just hearing, but also obeying.

We find too many excuses not to obey what we hear God say.

  • It doesn’t make any sense
  • It’s in direct opposition to what I see
  • That is way too hard, and nobody else is doing it
  • I don’t like that place
  • If I do that, I may lose some friends
  • I can’t afford it

The things God wants us to do will always require faith. Faith is what we are called to walk in daily; it’s the only way to please God, and whatever is not of faith is sin! So…it’s pretty important that all we do is in faith. And “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17” rel=”Romans 10:17“>Rom 10:17)

Since that’s the way God wants us to walk everyday, I can understand His questions:

1- What are you hearing Me say?

2- What are you doing to obey?

Pretty heavy questions. What say you?  

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