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7 Signs of a Make It or Break It Team

If you are a leader and have a team that follows, you really need to know how good they really are. Sure when you are around, they may seem great, but what if you aren’t around, what then?

I have been experiencing some health issue (not sure what it is, going for more tests this morning), that takes me out of the picture here lately. It’s very discouraging; I need energy and strength to do what God has called me to do.

However, when I can’t make it to the church or a meeting or preach…What then? My team…well, quite honestly, they hit it outta the park! They seem to do better when I’m not there!

Keep in mind, it has taken years for the dynamics of such a team to develop, but it is an absolute must to have such a team around if you really believe that what you are doing is not about you but about the Kingdom, and it should endure.

7 Signs of a “Make It” Team…

1. They understand, live, breathe, and are passionate about the vision; they own it.

2. Each member takes responsibility for the whole; there can be no…this is just mine.

3. The leader empowers, encourages, and protects his team with all his might.

4. There is an atmosphere and environment of family. Close relationships are vital.

5. We speak honestly, openly, but always lovingly, and everyone is honored and valued.

6. Each member of the team understands they must multiply and replace themselves.

7. Every member honors and protects their leader. They understand his role and guard it.

Those are a few of mine. Anything to add? What say you?  

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