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Apologist: Most Skeptics Were Hurt by the Church

The Christian Post spoke with seminary president and Christian apologist Alex McFarland, who while researching his newest book discovered that many skeptics of Christianity became that way because of a bad experience with a church. “The most common type of skeptics I meet are wounded skeptics. They have been hurt by church, religion, or by another Christian,” said McFarland. The book, 10 Answers for Skeptics, names 10 different types of skeptics, including those with intellectual objections, those who are tolerant of all beliefs, and those who were hurt by the church at one time.

McFarland says the church “took a retreat” from popular culture in the 20th century and allowed classrooms, the media, the marketplace, politics, the arts and sciences, etc. to continue to grow and develop without the influence of Christian truths. “In the minds of many Christians, it has become axiomatic that ‘religion and politics don’t mix.’ I would imagine that this dichotomy is exactly what the enemies of God and democracy want Christians to believe.”

10 Answers for Skeptics was released in October of this year.

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