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Humble Bosses are Good Bosses, Study Shows

A study published in the Academy of Management Journal shows that leaders who show humility are more well-liked and make better bosses than those who do not. The study also found that a bosses’ humility is contagious; humble leaders’ employees were much more humble themselves.

As quoted in Men’s Health, “You need to open up and admit what you don’t know. You need to recognize when your followers do something better than you and when they’re more talented than you—and celebrate it,” says study coauthor David Hekman, Ph.D., an assistant professor of management at the Lubar School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Otherwise, your coworkers will start doing the bare minimum to complete their jobs without being yelled at, Hekman warns.

The study also shows that humility helps you be less stressed on the job, but it also warned that “you can’t fake humility”; humility comes from asking for ideas and solutions from your team, not just using flattery and empty praises.

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