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Top 11 Features of 2011 on churchleaders.com

Editor’s Note:

In many ways, this list of the Top 11 stories from 2011 was chosen by you, the churchleaders.com reader. Your engagement on the site—through clicks, comments, Facebook shares, Tweets, and emails—helped us identify the top articles for this year-end list. We hope this list will help sharpen your leadership and ministry skills heading into 2012.

Also, from the team at CL we want to say thanks for your commitment to the church, your passion for serving God and others, and for joining us in the mission through churchleaders.com. We pray that you have a Christmas filled with worship and a wonderful New Year.


Brian Orme
General Editor

The Top 11 Features of 2011

Why We Need to Throw Out the Term “Good Christian” by Francis Chan

The American church has abandoned the most simple and obvious truth of what it means to follow Jesus: You actually follow His pattern of life. “

15 Signs Your Church Is in Trouble by Perry Noble

Perry Noble offers a list of warning signs that your church may need help.

Why a Healthy Sex Life Makes You a Better Leader by Margaret Feinberg

Sexual intimacy might not be your first thought when thinking of leadership skills, but it’s a great way to test your faithfulness in the small things.

5 Things That Brought Life to a Dying Church by J.D. Greear

Only God brings life to dead things, but here are five lessons I learned that contributed to our church’s revitalization.

Why We Don’t Need “Women’s” Ministry by Sarah Bessey

Please stop treating women’s ministry like a safe club for the little ladies to play church.

18 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook by Paul Steinbrueck

Every time you post something, you risk hurting, offending or distancing yourself from people. 

7 Ways to Avoid Sexual Sin by Dustin Neely

When was the last time you stopped to remind yourself of the battle we are fighting?

5 Things God Never Said by Larry Moyer

Here are five misconceptions of God’s Word you’d be wise to spend a Sunday addressing.

12 Killers of Good Leadership by Ron Edmondson

A leader may struggle with one or more of these, but the goal should be to lead “killer-free.”

5 Things That Convinced Me to Change Sunday Morning by Shaun King

“Five things have convinced me that this extreme emphasis on Sunday morning is not the will of God for our church.”

10 Ways to Know Someone Is Leaving Your Church by Brian Dodd

Keep these warning signs in mind that indicate a potential exit is underway.

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