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The Bible Tells You What–But Not How

This is “What” you have to do. It’s very clear in the Bible what those things are…

  • Love God with all you’ve got
  • Love others like yourself
  • Tell others about Jesus
  • Love your Bride like Jesus did His
  • Be Patient
  • Be Kind
  • And _________.

These are the types of “What You Must Do” things in the Bible. These are non-negotiable, not up for debate (the clearly stated commands of Scripture). Then there are the “This is what must happen” things as well (results of which we must take the responsibility for).

  • You must make followers of Jesus
  • You must present your wife spotless
  • You must raise your kids to fear God

OK. So we have things that we “Must Do,” and a few things that “Must Happen.” The question is always…


I want you to consider that the Bible doesn’t answer that question for us. It tells us what we must do, and at times, what must happen, but not “How” to do it. There is a reason for that. We are all different, and the Bible was written to transcend time, age, education, culture, and context.

Our “how” must come from God. We must pay the price to hear from God “how” we should carry out His commands. Like…Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church. That is “what we must do” but “how” are YOU supposed to do that?

“How” you love your spouse is certainly not “how” I love mine! And “how” I love her now is not the same as it was 30, 20, or even 1 year ago! The “how” must come from God, and there is a price for the “how,” but it is certainly worth it!