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A Note to Young Leaders: You Don't Know It All

It seems to me that a lot of us have jumped right into doing things for Christ [which is great] at the expense of being discipled to be more like Christ [which is not so great, at all].

I also realize the frustration you may feel for the lack of mentors that it seems we have.

I’m nearing the age of 29 and have been in ministry for over decade and have lacked a true mentor. I’ve learned a lot through my experience in ministry [and I do believe wisdom can come in the form of experience], but the only significant person I’ve had consistently listening and giving me advice is a counselor I pay to meet with every week.

I’m discovering that mentors won’t come through a program at a church or by filling out a check box in a bulletin. In order to find one, you’ve got to pursue one. You’ve got to be intentional, prayerful, and courageous to pursue those types of relationships.

We can complain there is a lack of mentors and write it off [which I have sadly done in the past], or we can become proactive in seeking one out [which I am currently doing]. I haven’t gotten one yet [yes, this is a shameless “ask” to those of you who are older!], but I will say pursuing one may be one of the greatest investments we can make in our lives and development as young leaders.

We need mentors. We need wisdom. We need correction. We need someone to point out our blind spots and to share lessons they’ve learned the hard way. We need to be teachable. We need to be open to what God wants to speak to us through the life, wisdom, and experience of someone else.

We need to also realize the need to “mentor up.”

There is a lot we do understand that others don’t. We get technology, we get what’s happening, we see the changes happening around us because change is a part of our everyday lives. Mentoring can be a two-way relationship. As someone else invests in our lives and speaks truth to us, we need to also be willing to share what we know and candidly speak [in humility!] about the reality of our world and generation today.

There’s much we have to learn and share.

So would you agree we don’t know it all?

Would you agree that we need mentors?

If you have one, how did you him/her?

If you are older, what’s stopping you from investing in someone that’s younger?

If you’re younger, what’s stopping you from pursuing a mentoring relationship with someone that’s older?

We need each other.   

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Tim Schraeder is a church communications guy who is passionate about seeing the Church communicate and tell its story more effectively. For over 10 years he’s served churches as a communications director, most recently serving on staff at Park Community Church in Chicago. He presently serves as the co-director for the Center for Church Communication and is a branding and communications consultant with Church Solutions Group, working with churches and organizations across the country.