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3 Things Young Leaders Need to Say

Last week, I wrote a post listing 3 things young leaders need to hear from their senior leader or from the people around them. I wanted to cover the other side of this relationship today. Three things young leaders need to say…

“I need your help.”

The truth is no one has ALL the answers. Being a young leader often means that we feel like we have to pretend to know it all to compensate for what we are insecure about…our lack of experience and knowledge. What I’ve noticed is that young leaders that end up leading at high levels aren’t afraid to ask for help when they fail to understand or have the ability to do something. Young leaders remember…asking for help sometimes takes the most strength.

“I’ve got your back.”

Support your leaders/elders. I truly believe that honor is something that comes back to a young leader. If we show our leaders/elders honor early, we’ll receive it later. Never badmouth your leader to other people. Pray for them. Support them. Let them know you buy into where they’re taking you. Love them.

“Thank you.”

I’m all about hearing and giving ‘thank yous.’ It’s no different as a young leader. The truth is it takes hard work and real conviction to be able to pour into young leaders and the next generation. It’s not easy. Tell them you appreciate their time, patience, willingness, and support.

OK…What do leaders need to be willing to say?