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Sex Addiction in Church Leaders: Are You Vulnerable?

A pastor leading an online porn addiction website says pastors may be particularly vulnerable to sexual addiction. According to The Christian Post, Jeff Fisher of PorntoPurity.com wrote in a blog post that the pressure and isolation of a ministry leadership position places pastors especially at risk.

“Isolation with no accountability is a prelude to disaster,” Fisher says. “When we cut ourselves off from others we’re shutting off sources of truth and objectivity. We lose the opportunity for fellowship and confession.”

He encourages pastors and church leadership boards to be accountable to one another for policies and procedures and to install accountability software on the pastor’s computer. He also warns against “approval addiction,” which he says is common among emotionally broken ministers and can lead to sexual tension. Fisher commented, “We have to believe that the potential for sexual sinning is great, and the consequences are devastating.”

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