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6 Danger Signs of Unhealthy Leadership

Leading is not an easy job, and for most of us, it is trying to find balance between managing our own lives and mistakes while leading people.

This can prove to be quite difficult and can lead to a ton of complications if not done well.

There are a few signs to look for that will warn us if a leader is headed in the right direction and can help guide when deciding to give someone our support. I call them the red flags of leadership.

1. The use of too many personal pronouns when describing the work of a team or organization.

Most, if not all, great accomplishments are the result of a good team. No one does everything themselves, and when a leader over uses “I” and “me” to describe the work of an organization, you might have a problem.

2. When a leader surrounds him or herself with people who will not tell them no.

This could be a sign that they are a dictator and only want their way. A good leader purposely hires people who will think for themselves and who will challenge decisions they make, and if a leader doesn’t have someone around besides their spouse to tell them no, you might have a problem.

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3. When a leader only hires people who think and process they way they do.

You need multiple views on any given decision, and if a leader only surrounds themselves with a team that processes the way they do, this could lead to an organization with a narrow base.