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4 Tips for Choosing High-Impact Team Members

Getting the Ball Rolling 

Picking the right leaders for your group, team, organization, or church is critical for the advancement of the gospel and honoring Jesus Christ. It’s also worth noting that Jesus spent an entire night in prayer before announcing his choice of the twelve (Lk 6:12).

Being dependent on the Lord is central in selecting potential and future leaders as well as seeking to be led by him and honoring him. Here are a few thoughts about selecting the right people. This is not exhaustive but can get the ball rolling. 

You want to select people who are difference-makers, who bring a different perspective to the table, who are originals, and not just carbon copies of the party line. We need leaders who are voices, not echoes. We desperately need people with fresh thinking and fresh perspective on old issues or issues that have us stuck in a rut. We don’t need or want “yes” men or women who merely echo what others are saying or have said. You want people who are connected in at least four ways:

1. Connected to Jesus

This is the primary and most important connection. The people you select need to have their identity in Christ and not in a role or position. They also should be growing in their intimacy with Christ through grace-filled time in Scripture and prayer being foundational. Their love for Jesus should exceed love for anything else or anyone else. This sets the stage for every other connection.

2. Connected to You As the Leader

They should be people you enjoy, share chemistry with, and trust. They should bring out the best in you as a leader and want to be around you. This is not in an “I-want-to-be-close-to-the-leader-to-make-myself-feel-important” sort of way, but connected to you in an “allow-me-to-travel-with-you-and-help-you-get-to-where-you-want-to go” sort of way. They’re contributors, not consumers, people with proven character.

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Dave became a follower of Jesus at the age of 20. He has been married to Susan for 41 years. They have four adult children and six grand children. Dave served with The Navigators for 38 years retiring in the fall of 2005. In those years he and Susan served in Southern and Northern California, Sweden, Colorado and Washington. He is currently one of the pastors at Mars Hill Church in Seattle and serves as the pastor for gospel coaching and leadership development on the Resurgence team. Dave is also a professional coach with Ministry Coaching International, coaching pastors around the country.