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Why Evangelism Is Better Than Sex and Social Networking

Read a title like that and you might think I’m trying to be a smart aleck. Rest assured nothing could be further from the truth.

In traveling worldwide, I’ve met those who don’t just enjoy something; they are addicted. Three addictions that come to mind are sex, drugs, and social networking. Those who enjoy any one of those three will tell you that they find them very satisfying and fulfilling. For some, however, it is as though they cannot get enough.

I propose that evangelism is better and more exciting than any of those. There are four undeniable reasons. Perhaps when I explain the reasons, you will become addicted to talking to others about Christ.

1. You can never do it with the wrong person.

Sex and social networking have at least one thing in common. They can be participated in with the wrong person. Adultery results when a person has a sexual affair outside the realm of marriage. A friend of mine was properly terminated from a job because he engaged in pornography while using the social network.

What is exciting about evangelism is that you never have to fear talking to the wrong person about Christ. Everyone needs the Gospel, even those who don’t know they need it! Should they not respond properly and become annoyed that you brought up spiritual matters, the problem has to do with them, not you.

One might respond, “But when I was a new believer, I was not very tactful and didn’t approach people the right way.” That is possibly true. The problem though was speaking in the wrong way, not speaking to the wrong person. A person does not exist who does not need to hear the simple message of the Gospel.