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10 Timeless Leadership Truths

When you lead, some lessons are learned easily; some are learned through fire.

Wisdom is gained by learning through your own failure and observing the failure of others.

1. You will never be able to give more to others that what you have gotten from God

2. Those that you choose to be with you will complete or completely destroy the vision

3. No matter what is happening with you, never neglect those with you

4. If you lose your passion, you will lose those who followed you for your passion

5. If you lose the vision, you will lose those who followed the vision with you

6. Never let hurt or betrayal harden your heart; bitterness and lack of trust will kill the vision

7. Celebrate the strengths of those with you; give honor to those whom honor is due

8. Don’t give promotion too quickly; it will hurt the young leader and those they lead

9. Dont be to slow in promoting a strong leader; they will find another track to run on

10. If you don’t replace yourself with someone greater than yourself…Epic Fail