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Improper Insulation Will Kill a Leader

Insulation –  The act of covering, lining, or separating with individuals or materials that prevents or reduces the passage, transfer, or leakage of heat. The act of insulating something.

When it comes to leadership, it’s important for the CEO, executives, or senior leaders to be insulated from many things within the organization.  This insulation allows these leaders to lead at a high altitude and not get caught in the monotonous tasks and details that may hinder their leadership.

The same individuals whose purpose is to insulate a leader can be the same individuals that insulate a leader so much that it may become problematic.  These individuals become so used to protecting the leader, they end up insulated from reality and even begin to lose track of what a proper reality even is.

Have you ever seen an organization or leader who has lost track of reality and you wonder how they got there?  The way they got there is their insulators provided improper insulation.

These insulators become the enablers that are unwilling to confront things that need to be confronted.  These insulators are the same individuals that inadvertently allow leaders to be removed from reality, become yes men, support poor decisions, and ultimately contribute to the demise of both the leader and the organization.

It’s important to always check your insulation, and sometimes, it’s important to get new insulation. That which was designed to protect you may actually be hurting you and your organization.

Have you seen improper insulation negatively affect a leader and an organization?

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