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Why Your Church Needs More Leadership Honesty

I don’t think the primary question should be: Do I have what it takes?

 The more important question is: Is this where God wants me to be? Am I supposed to be here?

The question of whether or not you have what it takes is always secondary! Think about it – Do you have what it takes in that moment when you’re asking yourself that question? Probably not!

BUT…if you have a conviction that you are where you’re SUPPOSED to be…then it really comes down to an issue of trust. Trust that God will honor your YES to him. Trust that he will show you what steps need to be taken. Trust that he will bring the right people around you to do what you are unable to do alone.

So instead of asking that question from where you’re at right now – reframe it and ask it through the lenses of faith and trust. Ask it with your eyes pointed forward into the future.

Assuming that I am where God wants me to be…

  • WILL I have what it takes…as I bring more and more of the right people around me to help?
  • WILL I have what it takes…as I continue to grow and stretch myself as a leader?
  • WILL I have what it takes…when God provides future resources that I’m unable to see right now?  

And the answer is:  (INSERT DRUM ROLL)………Yes, I believe so.

Now move forward and lead from there.  

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Scott Hodge serves as lead pastor of The Orchard Community in Aurora, IL, a missional church community journeying together to become more like Jesus and make a difference both locally and globally. Learn more about Scott at ScottHodge.org.