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Study Evaluates What Country Believes in God the Most

According to results of a new study by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, The Philippines is the country where the most people believe that God exists (84 percent) and the least number do not believe it (less than one percent). The study looked at 30 different countries based on surveys conducted from 1991–2008. Of the countries surveyed, the former East Germany showed the highest level of atheism (52 percent). In the U.S., 81 percent of those surveyed said they have always believed in God, as opposed to Great Britain (37 percent), Japan (25 percent), and the former East Germany (13 percent). Sixty-one percent of Americans believe without a doubt that God exists.

An analyst in the survey commented that “countries with high atheism (and low strong belief) tend to be ex-Socialist states and countries in northwest Europe. Countries with low atheism and high strong belief tend to be Catholic societies, especially in the developing world, plus the United States, Israel, and Orthodox Cyprus.”

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