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Church Turns to Surprising Venue to Reach Worshippers

A bar in Tulsa, Oklahoma is now streaming live worship services every weekend from a local church, reports The Huffington Post. Celebration Church broadcasts their service every Sunday morning to the Drunk Monkey Tavern while breakfast and coffee are served to patrons. Pastor Eastman Curtis says the live stream is part of a project to reach out to people in the community who might never set foot inside a church. “We want people to see they’re accepted wherever they are by God,” he said.

Interestingly, the idea for the broadcast came from the bar owner himself, Joe Beene, who was troubled by the number of struggling patrons and the difficulty he had in reaching out to them when the bar was crowded with people. “We had a customer here who was talking suicide and you know you try to reach out from back here as much as you can, but it’s hard when you got a full bar,” he said. “This would be more of a California sort of thing to do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it in the Bible belt.” 

A camera is set up in the bar so the worshippers in the church can see the bar patrons. Pastor Curtis says its the only church/bar partnership he knows of in the state of Oklahoma.

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