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Rick Warren Requests an Apology for Megachurch Headline

According to the Christian Post, megachurch pastor Rick Warren has requested an apology from Albert Mohler for his Tuesday blog headline, “Is the Megachurch the New Liberalism?” Mohler said in the post that megachurches have “helped to anchor conservative Christianity” in the U.S., but that some also have abandoned certain important doctrines in order to merge with the culture. Warren tweeted Mohler and asked for an apology: “A title questioning 1000s of churches’ orthodoxy due to size is unChristlike. U need to apologize to pastors Al.”

Mohler himself is a megachurch pastor belonging to the Southern Baptist Convention, as is Warren. A researcher specializing in megachurches, Scott Thumma, agreed that the headline unfairly painted all megachurches with broad strokes. “”As a group, megachurches are a big target, but it doesn’t help the Christian cause either to accuse indirectly 1,500 faithful pastors and 6–7 million attendees with the ‘L’ word…” he remarked to the Christian Post.

There has been no indication that Mohler plans to issue an apology or retraction for the headline.




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