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Why Leaders Must Tackle the Toughest Tasks

Because of some previous injuries, I had to give up squats as part of my workout routine…until recently. On the day I was going to add that exercise, I noticed something…

No one is standing in line to do squats!

Why? Most everyone I know hates and loathes squats. They’re hard, tiring, and make you sore like a Redwood sized pimple. But…most exercise gurus agree, the single best exercise anyone can do is the squat. So where is everybody? They’re on the other side of the gym doing the easy, more pleasurable machines.

Isn’t that just like most of us? We avoid the 1-Thing that will do us the most good simply because it’s the most difficult. Like most others, I have had to learn to push through and get those difficult but beneficial things DONE! Here are few tips that have helped me…

Do it

I don’t care how you are wired; I’ve never known one highly productive leader that is not geared to get the most difficult and important things done first thing. Yeah, early morning!

  • Get up early! Schedule yourself to do things that are the most difficult while others are sleeping
  • Early means no distractions, much higher success rate
  • Early means nothing can compete with your priorities

Check it

  • I know this sounds old school, but if you don’t write down what you must do, you rarely get it done
  • If it’s a real priority, force yourself to do it before moving on to something else…”I think I will do some curls and come back to the squats later…NOT”
  • When you can “check it” that it’s done, it will fuel you for the next one!

Schedule it

  • I have my most important tasks and activities scheduled and repeated in my calendar with reminders
  • When it’s time to do, it… Stop what you’re doing and just dig in!
  • Putting it on a schedule helps develop a habit of doing the important things and not missing them
  • Don’t turn the reminders off!!! If you do, you’re giving yourself permission to stop!

Share it

  • Encourage those around you and those on your team to do the same
  • If you tell others that’s how you get things done, it will help you stay faithful!
  • Modeling this around others will them move to a higher level in their leadership

So…What is your “Squat Thing?” What is one thing you know is highly beneficial yet you struggle with getting it done?

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