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7 Must-Ask Leadership Questions

I try to be a humble leader who makes it all about Jesus. I really do. 

I promise that I try to win with people, build teams, make sure other people get credit, forgive others, and serve those less fortunate.  I really try hard. 

Then why do I often feel like such a selfish leader? Why do things continually surface in my life that make me question my primary motivations?

Personal ambition is a healthy quality as long as it does not eclipse the desire and motivation for the fame of Jesus to spread. What I am going to share now are some things that I have been wrestling with in my heart.

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This is a very personal post. The reason is that often as leaders we wrestle with things internally that have yet to manifest themselves outwardly. 

The following are seven tensions I have that I think are probably common amongst other leaders. We just do not talk about them at parties.

1. Am I more interested in my agenda or God’s agenda?  Hopefully, they are one in the same, but what is my primary motivation?

2. Am I more interested in being a success publicly or privately?

3. Does my desire for financial gain eclipse my desire to add value to others?

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