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Why Bother Belonging to a Church?

We need to know that someone we care about will be crushed if we give in to our sinful desires. We need to know that someone will pray for our restoration after we have failed.

Failure in the Christian life is a very real possibility. Christians struggle with broken marriages, porn addictions, body image lies, eating disorders, and greed. These are big, ugly sins that have taken root in our lives, and our only hope of healing and wholeness comes through God and his community that embodies the ministry of Jesus.

If the church continues the work of Jesus among us, then we need to be connected to a community of believers who can bring his healing work among us.

When I am joined to a community of believers, I can find people who support me and pray for me. I have prayed healing prayers for others.

Isn’t it amazing that we all come together with our flaws and problems, but God chooses to use us to heal and bless one another. When we gather together in Christian community, we have an opportunity to be touched by the very hands of Jesus.

We don’t belong to a community when we all wear the same shirts or park outside the same building. We belong when we become the presence of Jesus to one another, joined together mystically by his Spirit as one body and bearing one another’s burdens.