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Are You Really a Leader? 3 Vital Questions

In leadership, people follow the leader far more than they follow a vision statement, strategy, or bottom line.

When it comes to leading our organizations, are vision statements, flow charts, spreadsheets, and strategies important? Yes, but at the end of the day, what too few executives fail to remember is that…

People Follow People!!!

Which challenges every one of us who are in a leadership position with 3 questions:

1.  Am I a Leader People Can Trust?

Let’s be honest for a second…

Can your team trust you? Does your team really believe that you have their best interest and the best interest of the organization in mind when you’re making leadership decisions? Or do they know that you’re secretly in it for your own gain?

People follow people they can trust. After all, if they take a paycheck from you, then on some level, they’re trusting the well-being of their family to you. Leadership is a trust. And people follow people they can trust.

2.  Am I a Leader People Can Know?

In our day and age, it’s not enough for people to just follow a vision statement or a set of company core values; people want to know the leader they’re willingly following. And herein lies the risk.

We must risk being vulnerable. 

As leaders, we must risk opening up and letting people in. The people we lead want to know us. How we think, what we’re feeling, how we process information, and how we make decisions. The more our people can know us, the more likely they will be to follow our leadership.