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Hold Your Fire: How to Raise Up Women Leaders

Where is the next generation of women leaders?

We are passionately dreaming behind closed doors. But we are all terrified to stand up and lead. We are afraid of being hated and equally afraid of being liked and followed, and we are trying to stay in love with Jesus enough to do it anyway.

There are a few who have bravely stepped out, but most of us are sitting, dreading raising our hands because we’re scared of what it means.

Ann Voskamp is a new friend, a real life one. And while we all watch the engaging exchange surrounding Challies and “the review” play out, I keep thinking of my sweet friend sitting in her beloved little writing space, where she has done her very best to give people God. I wonder if she thinks, “Is this all worth it?”

I know she would smile and whisper yes…because of Jesus.

Where is the next Beth Moore or Kay Arthur?

With all the respect we have for these women, our mentors, we don’t want to be them. We want something, but it’s not fame or platforms or authority. We want a revolution, and most of us wish someone else would start it.