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Hold Your Fire: How to Raise Up Women Leaders

We’re embarrassingly cynical and shoot leaders down for sport – so we’re all afraid to lead. But we need to be led.

I’m asking you to hold your fire.

Let some of us stand up and try. The stirrings of a revolution are in the works…I hear the whispers. God is gathering a force, and change is coming, and it comes from Him.

But help our fears…we are afraid to lead. Because honestly, we are afraid we will stand up and be wrong or even right – but either way, we are going to get stoned, and we’ll try to be brave enough to lead anyway.

We live in a day that as authors and leaders and bloggers, everyone shares an opinion about you and your message. We see rankings and reviews and comments, and it’s hard to keep your soul in it. We are fighting to keep our soul in it.

Together, if we all keep our heads down and follow our Jesus, something is going to happen. A generation of women who have quietly been reading blogs and longing for more and falling in love with God are about to wake up. We are about to let God run wild through us…together.

I feel it. We live once, and then we meet God. We want to live lives that matter for eternal things. We want to be a generation who followed with reckless abandonment a God who was real to us.

But we need each other.

Hold your fire, and we will try to be brave.

We will do this imperfectly, and we will apologize and grow.

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Jennie Allen’s passion is to communicate a bigger God through writing and teaching. She serves in ministry alongside her husband, Zac. They have four children and live in Austin, Texas. Jennie’s blog can be found at www.JennieAllen.com.