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Survey Shows Number of "Worldly Christians" Increasing

An online survey conducted by Changing the Face of Christianity is showing that many self-identified Christians polled do not live out their faith on a daily basis; in fact, they “rarely” do. R. Brad White, the founder of the organization who created the test, said the results were “disturbing,” showing that a third of polled Christians are Christians “in name only.” Initially the results showed a quarter of respondents were these “worldly Christians,” but lately that number has increased to one in three. More than 1,200 have responded to the survey since its creation in September 2011.

“A significant majority of Christians consistently live their faith,” commented White. “In addition to the 27.8% of spiritually mature Christians out there, 38.5% of Christians take their faith seriously and are striving daily to live as good Christians. Yes, we are still human. We stumble. We fail. We make mistakes. We screw up. These Christians aren’t perfect, but are striving to consistently practice their faith. These Christians are at the tipping point and very close to becoming spiritually mature. This is incredibly promising to us. But there is also a risk that many of them will go the other way.”

Changing the Face of Christianity is a non-profit educational group with the mission of “reverse negative Christian stereotypes by helping Christians become more like Jesus Christ.” The survey can be found by clicking here.

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