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When You're So “Biblical” that You're Un-Christian

We all have blind spots. We have our issues.

Whether we are talking about personal, social, or theological blind spots, we have them. And to say you don’t, is to, well, make my point.

The important thing is for us to look for said weaknesses, identify them and replace them. This is living life as a fallen sinner; it is reality.

But sometimes, our blind spots are our hobbyhorses. And this is a problem.

I can remember arguing about abortion with a friend who is pro-choice. In the midst of the discussion (it was civil), he called me out on my flippancy concerning life in the various wars that the U.S. is involved in. He had a point. My issue was inconsistent. I had a blind spot.

Outspoken Bible Guys

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I think there are people who are outspoken in their passion and devotion to the Bible. They are proponents of taking the Bible literally, being black or white and trying their best to obey what it says. We might call them evangelicals, fundamentalists, or simply Protestants. There really are many names and stripes available.

These guys (and ladies) will rightly go after those who compromise the Scriptures. They call out those who deny the Bible’s inspiration and inerrancy. They oppose people who inject their ministries with pragmatic methods. They decry the moral compromise in and around the professing church.

All of this to say, no one would accuse them of being unbiblical. In fact, this is their cry: “We are just being biblical.”

And quite frankly, I praise God for many of these folks. They are an encouragement in so many ways.

But at the same time, too often, they are a discouragement.

How is this possible?

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Erik is a pastor at Emmaus Bible Church (EmmausBibleChurch.org), a church plant south of Omaha. Converse with Erik on Twitter at @erikraymond.