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Tambourine Player Raises Ruckus at Oklahoma Church, Gets Tased

According to KFOR-TV News in Oklahoma City, a church in Edmond, Okla., had a combative tambourine player forcibly removed from the service for her overzealous playing. Apparently 50-year-old Vickey Sue Beyersdorfer, a non-member, was playing her tambourine so loudly during a Wednesday night service at Victory Church that “no one could pay attention to the sermon or what was going on,” says representative from Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department Mark Myers. An off-duty sheriff’s deputy attempted to escort her from the service, but Beyersdorfer broke away from the officer and tried to re-enter the building. A physical altercation ensued which involved pepper spray and a tasing. The woman reportedly had slurred speech and was staggering, and prescription pain medication was found in her possession by authorities. Beyersdorfer was arrested for trespassing, resisting an officer, possession of a controlled substance, and public intoxication.

Myers said, “She was not filled with the Holy spirit. She was not being very Christianly and this is why the folks decided to get her out as soon as possible.”