Discover 10 New Rules for Ministry Today

Jesus broke all the rules of ministry when He arrived in Nazareth.

If you were in ministry, you weren’t supposed to talk to Samaritans, heal on the Sabbath, challenge the Pharisees, hang with fishermen, get your feet washed by prostitutes, or go to dinner with tax collectors.

Jesus did all of that and more. It didn’t bother Him to challenge the status quo of what others thought ministry should be.

Our culture is changing at a breathtaking speed.

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Ministry is struggling to keep up. Over the past 15 years, I have been to hundreds of churches in all denominations. It is apparent to me that the rules are changing.


1. Make doctrinal correctness on a wide range of topics your top priority. Quickly correct anyone who veers off sound doctrine.

2. Be loyal to your denomination. Do what they say because they know best.

3. Keep the money people in your congregation happy. After all, they pay the bills.

4. Be slow to change so people don’t get uncomfortable. Focus on the people you already have, not on the ones who will be coming if you reach out to them.

5. Love people who are like you and fit in with your church vision. Tolerate others the best you can.

6. Do lots of programs so everyone has something to do all the time. More is better.

7. Use a style of preaching that tells people what to do because you know better than they do. Talk down to them.

8. Do everything decently and in order. Be predictable.

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