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Multisite Churches Now Number More Than 5,000, Report Shows

According to a new report by Leadership Network, there are more than 5,000 congregations in America with more than one geographic campus. The report said this result has grown from only 200 multisite churches in 2001 and is outpacing the number of megachurches (2,000 at last count). Warren Bird, research director of Leadership Network, commented on his blog that “multisite is truly a “new normal” in cities large and small, urban and suburban and even rural. Today it’s hard to find a church leadership conference that doesn’t deal with some aspect of multisite.”

Bird also listed the benefits of multisite churches; he wrote that multisite churches reach more people, baptize more people, have more volunteers, and tend to activate more people than a church at a single site.

“It’s a combination of both evangelism and saying, `People may not come to this particular building. How can we take where we are to where they are?’” Bird told Religion News Service.

To get more information about what Leadership Network is learning about multisite, click here.

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