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Mark Driscoll: 8 Marks of a True New Testament Church

6. The Church is Holy.

The church is to be a holy people. This doesn’t mean that the church has it all together, is better than everyone else, and has the privilege to criticize everyone else.

It does mean that the people of the church repent of their sins. Regularly.

If someone is in sin and unrepentant, then church leadership should lovingly discipline this individual with the hope of having him or her reconciled to God through Christ and to his people (Matt. 18:15-20).

7. The Church is Devoted to Fellowship.

If you are in Christ, then he will propel you to be purposefully involved with Christian community. This includes living together in intentional, relational community that seeks the well-being of one another in every way, including physical, spiritual, material and emotional (Acts 2:42).

8. The Church is Committed to Jesus’ Mission.

The church is to be an evangelistic community that is committed to preaching the gospel and making disciples in a Spirit-empowered life of love (Acts 2:47).