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Matt Chandler Seeks Diversity for Acts 29

in a recent interview with Rapzilla.com and covered by The Christian Post, president of church-planting ministry Acts 29 Matt Chandler explained his heart to help young African American males and to diversify the organization. Chandler said young black men too often encounter “white privilege” in the church, even in his own church, The Village Church near Dallas, which is primarily made up of white collar, upper middle class white people. Chandler himself attended a predominantly African American high school, where he said he first developed his heart for the “inner city man…the urban black male.”

“…What I want to do is leverage some of that privilege that honestly we don’t see as privileged, we see as norm. I want to leverage that blessing from God in a way that helps and empowers other places (that) have not been given that to reach hard-to-reach people in hard-to-reach places and I want to spend our money well.”

“But I want to create relationships where we’re not…I don’t want to bus white kids into the ghetto. I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to bus them in, let them paint the house, and then bus them back home—I don’t want to do that.

“I want legitimate partnerships where we’re learning from our brothers and sisters in the urban context while we’re supporting them. I want to help, and not just financially, but I want us to help in certain ways and then I want us to learn in certain ways, and then I want us to receive back what they have to teach us, and for us to celebrate what Jesus is doing in both places as we work together for the church.”

Chandler took over the presidency of Acts 29 from Mark Driscoll in March of this year. The headquarters of the organization will move from Seattle to Dallas in the coming season. Acts 29 has planted more than 400 churches around the world in its 10-year history. To see a video of Chandler’s interview, click here.


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