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Church Hoppers, Sno-Cones and Spiritual Gluttony

A man approached one of our Guest Services volunteers and asked, “Where are the Sno-Cones?”

For the past few summers, we’ve offered Sno-Cones following our weekend services as part of our Guest Services experience. The goal was to give exiting kids a final pleasant memory of their time at Meck (Mecklenburg Community Church), as well as create a “linger” factor for parents to connect with each other and the staff.

This summer, we’ve been offering them as a “surprise” on select weekends, but not every weekend.

“I go to another church,” he continued, “but during the summer, I come here for the Sno-Cones. So where are they?”

The volunteer explained to him our current approach to Sno-Cones, and he became rather indignant. “Is there any way you can let people know in advance when it’s a Sno-Cone weekend so that we know when to come?”

I guess people really like crushed ice and syrup.

Let’s talk church hopping, shall we?

Actually, I’m not the one bringing the subject up. It was surprising to find an article on the matter get picked up and carried nationally this past month.

First, a working definition: church hopping is going from one church to another without committing to any one church for any significant period of time. (*Which makes it different than legitimate church “shopping.”)

As Betsy Hart writes, hoppers reflect a growing tendency to decide, after they have officially joined a particular church, that “Oh, that pastor down the street is a little more high-energy than mine,” or “Gee, the music here isn’t really meeting my needs right now,” or “I really am not crazy about that new children’s church director.”

So they hop from church to church.

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