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Surprising Church Insights from a Swedish Furniture Store

Create good products:

IKEA products aren’t the most expensive. Admittedly, they are cheaper goods. Granted, I’m not warranting or even suggesting their merchandise. I’m simply making a point. But the fact is they have products people obviously want.

Be honest: Are your church’s programs engaging? Are they presented in a way that makes people want to participate? I’m not talking about changing a message—I’m talking about presenting a message in a way that draws people in and motivates them to be a part of it. IKEA has figured out how to do that with their products. How can the church do this better?

Keep it no pressure:

Associates of IKEA wear bright yellow shirts. They are easy to find and there if you need help, but no one bugs you either. There is a no-pressure, free look, yet no one should ever feel they can’t find help. There’s always someone nearby and easily identifiable.

Over the years, I’ve often wondered if the church could benefit from customer service training. We need to know how to engage visitors in a way that makes them feel welcome, without them feeling overwhelmed. Obviously, IKEA has thought through this process and does it well. How can we learn from them in this area of how they do business, which would help us in ministry?

Have something for everyone:

IKEA sells toys, bedding, food, tools, and furniture. Admittedly, not everything was for me, but there were things for me. I would guess most everyone could find an area of interest.

Considering the diverse backgrounds within the church, are we thinking about what works for people who aren’t like us? Are we reaching people with varying backgrounds?

Have you ever been to IKEA? What do you think?