Dino Rizzo Resigns from Healing Place Church

The founding and lead pastor of Healing Place Church, a megachurch in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has announced that he will resign his position. With his wife by his side, Dino Rizzo told his congregation last Sunday morning that God was “moving them into a new season.”

“To keep our family a priority and to continue keeping on with what Jesus wants us to do, we feel it’s best to step down and resign as your pastors today,” Rizzo told the thousands that had gathered for worship that morning.

The announcement came as Rizzo and his wife DeLynn were taking a sabbatical since July of this year “for healing, reflection and restoration of spirit, soul and body.” During his announcement last Sunday, Rizzo asked forgiveness from “those he had disappointed” over the last two months.

“We truly feel like we have pastored the greatest church in the world,” DeLynn Rizzo added. “We want you to remember this church is not about Dino. It is not about us. It is about Jesus and proclaiming his name in this city and across the world. It will continue to be a healing place for a hurting world.”

According to The Advocate, another HPC pastor, Mike Haman, was named interim lead pastor.

Rizzo started the non-denominational church 20 years ago; it has now grown to serve more than 8,000 people in 10 locations around the world. Healing Place Church was named one of Outreach magazine’s most innovative churches in America. Rizzo also co-founded the Association of Related Churches, a church planting organization with 135 new churches to its credit. 

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