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This Is What Extraordinary Leaders Do

Extraordinary leaders concentrate on doing the most essential roles that produce the best results for the team and organization. A leader knows some roles have a greater return on investment than others so they concentrate on doing the things that bring the maximum return on their time, effort and energy.

Doing this can separate the good leaders from the extraordinary leaders.

I have found at least three roles extraordinary leaders focus on:

1. Finding and developing leaders:

A team or organization is only as good as the leaders within it. The most successful businesses and organizations have leaders on every level, from the lowest to highest roles. This includes people who have a leadership title and leaders without the title. Extraordinary leaders know the importance and value of finding and developing other leaders. They know when they find talented people and leaders, the organization will become better.

However, this can be an uncommon role of a leader. Ram Charan said, “Many fail to recognize that developing other leaders is, or at least should be, a major part of every leader’s job.” This statement comes from a highly acclaimed business advisor with more than 35 years of experience. If you want to be a great and lasting leader, then choose to find and equip others.

2. Casting vision:

If a team or organization wants to produce results, then they need to have a clear picture of a desired future, and they must have a vision. Extraordinary leaders constantly cast vision and are showing others the why and how of that vision. When people are vision-focused, it allows them to stay on track and causes them to produce desired results and goals. When it comes to vision, it’s important to remember a leader cannot over-broadcast the vision.

3. Maintain the environment:

Extraordinary leaders know the importance of cultivating and maintaining a positive work environment. In Becoming a Person of Influence, the author said: “People desire security not only from you but also from their environment. Good leaders recognize this and create an environment where people can flourish.” When a leader creates a positive environment, it opens the door for people to be creative, committed, trusting and driven toward action. Make an effort to create and maintain a positive work environment.

Question: What are some other essential roles of an extraordinary leader?  

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Dan Black has spent most of his career working with adolescences. He has professional leadership experiences and also served as a volunteer youth leader. His desire is to help others become people of influence and to train the next generation of leaders through his writing and resources. He posts new blog content once a week and has written several books.