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Why You Need to Waste More Time with God

Are you addicted to achievement?

Our culture is. I am.

We work, we achieve, we get paid. We repeat the cycle.

Productivity seems to be the beginning and end of our lives. But when it comes to being a Christian leader, you need to remember one very important fact.

Achievement isn’t the goal.

God is. 

You need to waste more time in the presence of God.

In our fast-paced culture, there’s something refreshing about just sitting down and being—to rest from accomplishing goals and simply remind yourself who you are.

The Truth About Waste

Here’s the truth: No time spent with Jesus is a waste. Matter of fact, it’s the most productive thing you can do.

The revelation you receive from God, the fellowship you experience with the Holy Spirit, the transformation that comes from gazing upon Glory, will change your life.

It changes the focus behind your work. It influences your attitude during adversity. It causes you to live a generous life with open hands.

One moment in the presence of God is amazing. But imagine a lifetime of steady discipline. Imagine 10,000 hours of time invested in the presence of God.

What would change about your thoughts?

What would change in your words?

What would change in your actions?

What would change in the legacy you leave?

The Problem

But I have a problem. I have emails to check. I have blog posts to write. I have worship services to plan, blogs to scan, books to read, social media channels to update.

I have money to make.

My schedule is full, but my heart is empty.

Focusing solely on achievement at the expense of time with Jesus sounds like a decent plan. Nobody sees your time with Jesus, but they do see your work.

You can hide. You can fake it.

But what happens over time?

Your heart dries up. Your passion fades. Your on-fire soul is now barren.

Don’t let yourself get there.

Hiding isn’t an option. Faking it isn’t a plan.

It’s time to get real.

The Challenge

Here’s my challenge to you today: Reorient your productivity to include time in the presence of God as your greatest priority.

Seek first the kingdom. And remember the end of that verse.

God will add “all the other things” to you.

Waste more time. And I know you’ll discover it’s anything but a waste.