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Oklahoma Man Arrested in Plot to Blow Up Churches

According to CNN, a 23-year-old man has been charged with planning to blow up 48 area churches in Oklahoma. Gregory Arthur Weiler II was arrested last Friday in a motel in Miami, Oklahoma, after tips from motel employees brought police to investigate his room. The room contained bomb-making materials, instructions, documents outlining plans to set off bombs in local churches, and a hand-drawn map of the area with the churches circled.

Weiler was charged Friday with threatening to use an explosive or incendiary device and violating the Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act. He is being held without bond. The Kansas City Star reported comments from Weiler’s cousin, Johnny Meyers, who told the media that both of Weiler’s parents had committed suicide and that Weiler had struggled with mental illnesses for years.

Miami Police Chief George Haralson said authorities have questioned Weiler and his answers ranged from rambling to coherent. Haralson said it wasn’t clear whether Weiler posed a real threat to churches and the community. “He had the means and the ability to carry this out,” he said.

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