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Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? How All Christians Should Vote

Vote With Knowledge

You should know where each candidate stands on a myriad of issues. If you don’t inform yourself, then you are merely becoming the type of person who gets swayed by negative ads. You need to develop your own filter so you can evaluate the things you hear in debates and ads.

Part of the problem is too many Christians have become One-Issue Voters and once they encounter a candidate who doesn’t agree with them on the hot-button issue, then they stop listening and stop learning.

Perhaps your One-Issue is abortion or same-sex marriage or the economy or foreign policy. I know of a woman whose One-Issue is stem cell research. You never know what that issue may be to different people.

The fundamental problem with being a One-Issue Voter is your president doesn’t just vote on that one issue. If you vote for a candidate because of his stance on marriage, then you’re also voting for his policies on the economy, health care and the environment.

You shouldn’t ignore the issues you feel strongly about. In fact, I would encourage you to continue to feel passionate about them; study them, research them. Christians should pursue what the Bible has to say about these issues like abortion and poverty. Don’t vote ignorantly, vote informed. So, when you cast your vote, understand how your vote is cast along the broad spectrum of issues, not just one.

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Richard Lee is lead pastor of Bethany Well Church in Fort Lee, NJ, where he has served for the last 7 years. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Theresa, have two children, Richard Jr. and Chloe.