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Greg Laurie Pushes Back Against the Term "Homophobic"

During a Bible study at Harvest Christian Fellowship in southern California this past Thursday night, pastor Greg Laurie said he “hates the term ‘homophobic'” and how it is applied to Christians. Saying he could just as easily call homosexuals “biblophobic,” he finally commented, “Enough of the phobic already! I’m sinophobic. Sin is sin.”

The Christian Post reported on Laurie’s statements to his congregation that Thursday night to include a message on the fifth commandment and highly controversial issues such as same-sex marriage.

“God established the family … He and He alone defines the family. Maybe that’s why Satan hates the family so much and has effectively declared war on it because God loves the family. … Tamper with God’s formula, if you will, at your own peril.”

“Anyone who says they found a way biblically to justify a homosexual relationship is simply ignoring what the Scripture plainly teaches.”

Laurie also addressed abortion in his talk that night (“It’s a sin and it’s murdering unborn children. There’s no other way to look at it biblically.”) and others of the Ten Commandments. The congregation broke into applause frequently during the talk.


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