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4 Ways to Develop Your Greatness

Not one soul.

Especially not you.

You were created to be great! Regardless of background, age, profession, etc.

Does everyone feel this way? Believe it or not, deep down they do.

According to Marketdata Enterprises, the total self-improvement industry was worth $11.17 billion last year alone! With yearly growth estimates of 5.5 percent … and the growth is not stopping anytime soon.

In fact, in an interview with Fast Company magazine, internationally known best-selling author Jim Collins was asked the reasons for the success of his book Built to Last. His response was the need people have to be greater than they are:

“I never expected it to hit the way it did; and I can’t really explain the mysteries of the zeitgeist. Perhaps one factor is that it speaks to a deep human yearning to be better, always better. It turns out that a lot of people want to build something great, perhaps even enduring, as a way to find meaning in life.

The fact is this: History and common sense prove that within the human heart longs the desire to be better.

Your Greatness Was Meant for THIS Generation

The Bible says God “made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation” (Acts 17:26 KJV). The word “times” is the Greek word “Kairos” (KAHEE-ROS). “Kairos” not only implies time but an opportunity to do. It means having a task at hand and using the season to get it done.

We all have a season, or time, to do a task. Like David who “after he had served his generation by the will of God fell asleep,” we all have a generation to serve—to impact (Acts 13:36, NKJV).

We have the honor of serving a very entrepreneurial one.

True entrepreneurs are more than just business owners. In fact, the word “entrepreneur” is derived from an old French word, “entreprendre,” which means “undertake.” So a true entrepreneur is someone who undertakes some venture, enterprise or plan and assumes responsibility for the outcome.

An entrepreneur can be …

  • An author wanting to change the world
  • A speaker wanting to make a difference
  • A musician working to be famous
  • An artist striving to be known
  • A leader wanting to take an organization from good to great
  • An athlete yearning for greatness
  • A college dropout wanting to become a business mogul
  • Or a pastor wanting to turn the world upside down!

The main criteria is this: taking the path of most resistance and assuming responsibility for the outcome.

4 Ways to Develop Your Greatness

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Mike Holmes is a blogger and speaker who heads the Simple Strategies for Startups community. He is also the author of "I Shall Raise Thee Up: Ancient Principles for Lasting Greatness."