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10 Commandments of the Presidential Election for Christians

Presidential Election

The Presidential election is only weeks away…and it’s getting ugly out there. I mean…really ugly.

And before you think I’m just talking about the political process, the political parties or the respective candidates, I was actually talking about you, me, us and them…the people. And by people, I’m also especially talking about Christians.

Sometimes, I feel it would be appropriate to label how some Christians engage the presidential election season as “Christians Gone Wild.

Since it’s time for another presidential debate and there’s sure to be drama this week and next, and the following week, and each day leading up to Election Day on Nov. 6 and likely some weeks afterward, I thought I’d share with you my 10 Commandments of the Election Season for Christians in hopes it might speak some balance, sense and perspective to any readers—not just during this election season but thereafter; not just in this country but in any country.

Why else am I sharing this?

Because I really want you to still respect yourself the morning after the election season.

Because I really want your friends to still respect you, too.

Know what I mean?

So, here are my 10 commandments of the Election Season:

1.Thou shalt believe Jesus remains King.


Saw this and it puts everything in perspective. Whoever becomes president, Jesus remains King. I’m not suggesting the elections aren’t important. They are. They always are. There is much at stake. But in truth, they’re always advertised as the most important election in human history that will change the trajectory of all things for eternity.

Everyone take a breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. Jesus will still remain King.

2. Don’t go to bed with political parties.

Yes, that’s what I wrote. Don’t go to bed.

I don’t believe followers of Jesus should be in bed with either of the two major parties. We ought to remain “Independent” with a commitment to collaborate, listen and engage the political system, all while understanding the political system is not our ultimate Hope or Answer. In addition, we must never lose the courage or conviction to speak prophetically to a group of people because we are lured by the power associated with politics or a political party.

When people ask if I am a Democrat or Republican, I often respond:

On what issue?

Let the Scriptures and our convictions about Christ inform how we engage the candidates, the political parties and the election process.

3. No one has a monopoly…

No one. No matter what they say. No matter what the experts, leaders, the Pope, Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer, Trinity Broadcasting or whoever say. No party or candidate has a monopoly on morality, spirituality and certainly not the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God cannot be contained by our political parties or religious institutions. Nope. And thanks be to God for that!

Furthermore, we have to leave room—and plenty of room—to acknowledge people (including our very own friends) can have differing views, so please respect the integrity of other believers as they seek to live out and vote their convictions and conscience.

Enough with the statements and judgments resembling anything like this:

“How can you as a Christian vote for…”
“If you were a true Christian, you would vote for…”

Jesus died and extended grace for the Left, the Right and everyone in between. So, stop vilifying and demonizing those who disagree with you.