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8 Ways to Ruin a First Church Visit

3. The preschool area was dirty and not secure.

I took my 2-year-old with me, but I would not leave her in the church’s preschool area.

You could tell they didn’t care about the cleanliness and the safety needs of little children. So I took my child to the worship service. That proved to be another headache.

4. Everyone talked in code.

I had no idea what the preacher and the members were talking about.

What in the heck is a WMU? What is a time of intercessory prayer?

I figured out the responsive reading thing when I saw people reading from their hymnals.

5. Someone told me I was sitting where their family sits.

That really ticked me off.

I didn’t see a reserved sign there. If I was not getting paid to do this, I would have said a few words to them and walked out of the service before it ever began.

6. No one spoke to me.

They certainly spoke to people they apparently knew, but I was not a part of their cliques.

I felt badly just being there. I wanted to get up and leave on the spot.

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