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Why God Does Not Want to Be Proven

Despite the efforts of several missionaries, I have never become a Mormon,

or a Jehovah’s Witness,

or Hare Krishna.

As a rule, when a missionary comes to my door, I surprise them by welcoming them inside. They always have a speech ready to go to try to convince me to join their church (though I wonder how often they actually get to give it). The speeches are full of reason for belief, logical arguments and “proof” that God, or their version of God, is true.

Of course, they start to see through my welcoming demeanor when I open my Bible and start asking them unanswerable questions. I have had discussions and debates with friends and strangers go on for hours, for one reason:

Neither of us can actually prove God.

Neither of us can land a knockout blow.

And I have wondered for a long time why God left himself so darn unprovable. Why leave things so open-ended? Why leave things vague and cloudy?

The answer may be simpler than all the arguments we have for God’s existence.

Would You Like to Fundamentally Change Your Worldview Today?

Three questions about the door-to-door missionaries:

How many people actually change their entire worldview based on a stranger’s unannounced visit to their home, or their tract they’re passing out on the sidewalk?

And …

Jesus said, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Do my heavenly brownie points get canceled out if I welcome a stranger, and then try to destroy their proofs of the Almighty?

And most importantly …

How come Christians ridicule and mock the flawed reason and leaps of logic other religions make, while they skate over their own leaps of logic and believe strangers will easily be converted to mainstream Christianity with a tract or unannounced house call?