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3 Keys for Killer Meetings

People don’t hate meetings. They just hate your meetings.

The reality is most people don’t know how to run effective meetings, and they need help, which is probably why you’re reading this.

Everyone knows the effects of a bad meeting culture in a company. We’ve all heard complaints such as, “If it weren’t for all these meetings, I’d actually get some work done.”

Some senior business leaders have only one or two hours in a given week without a meeting scheduled, and some employees don’t even begin actual work until after 5 p.m. because they’re in meetings all day.

Isn’t it tragic that many people not only think of meetings as an unimportant aspect of work but also as a detriment?

That’s not the sign of a healthy company culture. The solution is to fundamentally change the way in which you do meetings, and in the process, change the way your company does business.

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Meetings Are Your Cultural Bellwether

Bill Lee shares a famous story about Steve Jobs. When an Apple development group was tasked with making DVD-burning software, they spent weeks planning for the meeting with specs, charts and options.

When the day of the meeting came, Steve Jobs walked in, went straight to the white board and drew a picture of a rectangle that represented the application. He said he wanted the user to drag a video into the window and click “burn.”

“That’s what we’re going to make,” he said.

Jobs could have spent countless hours going over what his employees thought he wanted, wasting everyone’s time. Instead, he led, whittling down many options to one great option and pushed his team toward that one goal.

Jobs ran his meetings like he ran his company. How about you?

If your employees grumble about your meeting culture, it’s time to pay attention and find some solutions because your meeting culture is the bellwether of your company culture. Lots of meetings, wasted time and no decisions are not only frustrating for your employees but also poison for your business.

3 Keys for a Successful Meeting

There are three important keys that all companies should strive for: energy, focus and accountability.

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