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Who Do You Think Will Win the Election?

The Christian Post reported that, with the presidential race in almost a dead heat, each side could give three reasons why their candidate will win. President Barack Obama’s campaign argues that because he is leading in the state of Ohio, Governor Mitt Romney’s possibility of victory is slim, because it would require that he win one of three states (Michigan, Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania) who do not have a good history of voting Republican. Also, many election outcome specialists say Obama will win, including a forecastor for The New York Times and the election consortium at Princeton University. Finally, Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy is said to have helped bolster his popularity.

The three reasons given that Romney could win is, first, that he leads among Independent voters, which could help him in this close of a race. He also clearly has very enthusiastic supporters, as well, and voters who care most about the economy and job creation say Romney is better prepared to handle these issues than Obama.

What reasons can you give that your preferred candidate will win? Engage in civil dialogue in the comment section below.

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