Female Bishops Disallowed in the Church of England

As reported by The Christian Post, the Church of England has voted down a proposal that sought to allow women to become bishops. The vote came after a day’s debate in the General Synod Tuesday, but finally the proposal just barely missed the two-thirds majority needed to pass. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams was a supporter of women bishops; he said “A Church that ordains women as priests but not as bishops is stuck with a real anomaly, one which introduces an unclarity into what we are saying about baptism and about the absorption of the Church in the priestly self-giving of Jesus Christ.” Archbishop Williams will retire in December. The Church of England has been ordaining women as priests for 18 years.

Photo credit: Mark William Penny / Shutterstock.com

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Toni Ridgaway is a content editor for the Outreach Web Network, including ChurchLeaders.com and SermonCentral.com.

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