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10 Things Pastors Should Never Say

I am a BIG pastor fan (I am one), but … sometimes, in the name of Jesus, church, God or love, the craziest things pass over our vocal cords while bypassing the brain.

Now, I’d like to list some of those here for you. If you are a pastor or not, in the name of Jesus, the church, God and for the sake of love, never say these …

1. I’m glad I don’t have any homosexuals coming to my church.

2. It won’t really help or change anything, but you need to pray.

3. I know my church will die when I leave, but that’s OK, we can plant another one.

4. The church doesn’t have to be diverse in order to reach the city.

5. I don’t make friends with any of our staff.

6. I love to preach, I just don’t like people.

7. I don’t want my church to grow—I’m satisfied with my salary.

8. My kids hate our church … but I’m OK with that.

9. I’m careful with who I let lead—I don’t want someone to take my job.

10. I will never … ______________________ (The stupidest thing I ever said!)

Words are powerful, and they form culture and the future. 

What was the stupidest thing you’ve heard a pastor say?  

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