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Church Fined for Loud Sunday Services

A Columbia, South Carolina church has been fined hundreds of dollars because its worship services violate city noise ordinances. After neighbors complained, Rehoboth United Assemblies Church was found in violation of three noise ordinance citations by a Columbia court and was fined $740.

Neighbors Sheri Callahn and Tim Ellis told police they can hear the churches services inside their home. They told local news media that it’s not an issue of religion; it’s an issue of respect to one’s neighbors.

Apostle Johnnie Clark from Rehoboth United commented, “I am sorry we don’t worship the Lord quietly and that is everyone’s preference how you worship the Lord. We just happen to be a pentecostal apostlic church and our praise is very vocal to the Lord …  I don’t think we should have to compromise our form of worship because the city zoning allowed them to build a house this close to the church.” 

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