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Now We’re Cooking: Is Your Church a Microwave or Crock-Pot?

3. Microwaves don’t heat evenly.

You can warm up a piece of meat in the microwave and one part is scalding hot, while another part is cold to the bone.

This is an enduring quality of Microwave Ministries. They may have a scorching hot worship team or preaching ministry, but if you turn the meat over, you’ll find a discipleship or intercessory ministry that’s cold to the bone. They’re hot on top, but cold on the bottom.

Crock-Pot Churches distribute heat evenly to all aspects of the church. Care and attention is given and heat applied to often overlooked areas of ministry that may not be out front or seen on the stage on Sunday morning.

4. Microwaves need monitoring.

Anyone who’s ever used a microwave knows you often have to check the food to see if it’s hot enough or make sure it doesn’t get too hot. You can’t just set the microwave on “10 minutes,” then leave and forget about it. Unless, of course, you like food that tastes like charcoal.

However, you can leave a Crock-Pot on for up to 10 hours and not have to worry about it. We often turn the Crock-Pot on in the morning, set it to the desired number of hours, go to work and, when we come home, we have a fully cooked meal.

Similarly, Crock-Pot Churches develop systems where the functions of the ministry don’t have to be monitored or micromanaged. If everything in your church requires the senior pastor’s approval, you are most likely a Microwave Ministry, and your system is not designed for long-term growth.

In Crock-Pot churches, decision-making is decentralized. The senior pastor places competent leaders in place so he or she can basically set it and forget it.

5. Microwaves are common.

There’s a microwave in almost every house in America. You rarely see Crock-Pots on display in most kitchens. So when you see one, it stands out.

Similarly, there is a Microwave Ministry on every corner. If you want to stand out so your church can grow, become a Crock-Pot Church. Don’t be afraid to be different. It may take longer for you to get hot, but when you do you’ll stay hot longer.

Remember, there’s a microwave in every house (well, except for mine). That reminds me, anyone know where I can find a cheap microwave?  

P.S. Please don’t tell my wife!   

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