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Why Love Is Not Tolerant

At the Cross

In reflecting on the aforementioned theological averment that promotes a choose-your-own-lifestyle therapy, it is grievous that the Gospel is weakened to such a nebulous ideal.

What’s more, this kind of thought is being broadcasted as the true teachings of Jesus. Jesus becomes nothing more than a naïve mother who accepts all of her children’s flaws.

This flies in the face of the cross, where God in the flesh died the most gruesome form of execution ever created to gain victory over sin. He hung there because sin is that hideous and offensive.

Paul lists a very particular set of sins in 1 Cor. 6:7-10 that range from the greedy to the homosexual and in verse 11 says, “That’s what some of you were, but you were sanctified and justified in Christ.” In this transferred vindication, we walk away from those things and into the newness of life.

The cross indicts every one of us, but there is hope on the other side of an empty tomb.

We cannot trust our own hearts. We cannot think of our own preferences.

We cannot be defined by those things that God clearly warns against. We must be washed in the blood, sent out of the grave and into the world.

There can be no reconciliation where sin is not only accepted but endorsed. It pains me to see people so blinded by their own fragmented hearts, but I can pray with joy and hope, knowing no one is out of the reach of God’s saving hand.   

This article was originally posted at Project TGM.